CV Review/Re-write

Are you applying for lots of positions but being unsuccessful in securing an interview?

Do you have queries about the content of your CV, perhaps what to do about a gap in your career?

We are able to review your CV and give advice on any aspects that could be improved, and how to get you noticed when applying for roles. For any given vacancy, an employer may see upward of 100 CVs in application, so it is important to make sure that your experience is showcased in the best way possible to ensure that you’re not overlooked.

The layout and readability of your CV is as important as the content, so it is vital that you present your skills in a way that is easy to view, key points are easy to spot, and you make a fantastic first impression.

We are also able to completely re-write your CV if needed. Maybe you dont have a CV and dont know where to start, or maybe you’ve been in your current role for many years and would like it revamped.

We can help with any issues related to your CV completely free of charge. Get in touch today to discuss, we’re happy to help.


Interview Prep

So you’ve secured the interview for your dream job, what now?

We are on hand to assist as far as possible with preparation for your interview. We can help put you at ease, we can let you know a little about who will be interviewing you, what style of interview it will be – perhaps it will be competency based, maybe there will be a test, maybe it will be a laid back chat. Whatever it may be, we are here to help you be as prepared as possible.

We are able to meet with you to go through what questions may be asked, how best to answer them, how to best explain key points in your career and what questions you could ask them. If you’re not able to meet, we’re happy to give you a call or chat in any other way that suits you.

I am also happy to provide help and guidance on interviews to anybody that has an interview lined up, whether you are a candidate of Gillies Recruitment or not. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like help with interview prep.


Advice for Company Self-Advertising

I am able to provide marketing guidance and assistance to companies that are managing their own recruitment, in order to make sure that you can adequately reach your target audience and sell your open vacancy as strongly as possible.

I can help with how to word, price and market your role for optimum applications.

I don’t have personal experience in all business sectors, but I can let you know what has proven to work for me, and how to overcome advertising obstacles for more difficult roles.

I am happy to provide advice on job advertising free of charge.

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